Left Coast Siesta
Mexican Food

The Left Coast Siesta Provides For Their Customers A Hot Sauce Bar
Consisting Of Between 200 And 300 Different Types Of Hot Sauces.

The above photo shows the Sauce Bar circled in red, and the retail hot sauce section circled in white. (This photo was taken at our old location.)

These photos show our hot sauce sampling bar, and our display of over 500 sauce bottles!

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This is is our new location!!

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A Taste of Pain - The Taste The Pain Online Hot Sauce Catalog

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Jeff and Lynn began collecting sauces fifteen years ago, and when they opened the restaurant, they put the most commonly found sauces (about six) out for customers to use. As demand for more sauces became larger, they began searching for new sauces to add to what has become the largest selection of open hot sauces on the West (Left) Coast, and one of the five largest in the country.

With more and more customers trying new sauces, Jeff was "forced" to set aside a space for the retail sales of the most popular brands. This small part of the business has grown into a mail-order catalog (with a mailing list of over 5000) and a very successful internet "store-front", under the name Taste The Pain, which features over 250 products from around the world of hot and spicy foods. Always looking for new sauces, the owner travels each spring to attend The Fiery Foods Show, where he has discovered many new products and gained recognition throughout the hot foods industry.

The Hot Sauces are only a part of the Left Coast Experience, but after trying such sauces as Blair's Death Sauce and Dave's Insanity, it is an experience that few will ever forget!

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